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Feel free to introduce yourselves, whether it be about your Camarilla-related activities, your LGBT experiences, or just shtuff. It's not required or anything. If lurking makes you happy: lounge, lurk, and enjoy!
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Hey, I'm Kelly Phillips, US2002066259 if you care... Currently of Long Beach, CA, though I've been a cammie in Oklahoma City and Natchitoches, LA, as well. I am Chapter Coordinator of CA003-C and ADC of CA053-D, been a cammie since Sept 2000 and still loving it.

I've been aware of my Bi tendancies since I was in college but am currently in a monagamous hetero relationship...

Hmm dunno what else to say. Ask questions if you want to know more... :)
Hi, I'm Scott, commonly known as Scotty.

I'm known as scotty as it tends to make straight guys more comforted to "feminize" me I think and to make it ok to talk to me. Less "threatening" ya'know?

Just a theory.

I'm in California and value Role Play over dots.

I'm known to have played Drake Diamond - Brujah Bad Ass Anarch, Sir Geoffrey Scott - Jester Rose, Brock Harde - Satyr Seducer, Last Hope - the Big Bad Wolf. Among others - see the icon. ;)

Currently I play Lord Edward Savage aka "The Butcher" in Requiem and Sir Christian Savage ap Fiona - the Surfer Sidhe in Changeling. I'm also playing a Gibbious moon Storm Lord in forsaken soon by the name on Connel McIye.

I like sex. A lot. Vers here, prefer top.

I don't know what else to say...

I look forward to getting to know ya all.
I'm Lucas, StealthFag unless liquered up.

Play people of no real importance and crap. Soon to be former DST of San Diego (CA-059-D).
I'm Darcey, over in Connecticut. I'm 80/20 [80% interested in girls, 20% guys] and currently dating a guy. Realized I was bi since I was about fifteen, and mostly dated girls until recently. Currently into a monogamous hetero relationship, but leave me with some nice girls and I cannot always be held responsible for my actions. :)

Mmm... I'm a heavy sensualist, into the BDSM/"alternative lifestyle" scene, and ... Huh. I really don't know what else to say. :) Any questions, just let me know.
Lurky lurky lurk.
LA Cammie since '96. Bisexual (not sure for how long ;). Currently playing in every LARP venue that's supported ('cept Changeling). SbN member since it started.

Vaguely recall you running around the Garou game at ICC 2001/Los Angeles in a loincloth. :) ("Now that's dedication...")