Wendy (beloitst) wrote in cam_pride,

Silent Auctions

Hey everyone --

The Pink Mafia is throwing a party at the Safe House in Milwaukee during ICC. Proceeds benefit the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center.

(Friday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, free food and drink! You know you wanna come!)

Anyways, we are considering adding a silent auction, a small one (2 to 5 items), and so here is my question:

What kind of items are you willing to spend money on? We're talking in terms of starting bids between $25 - $75, so if we have an auction it'll be reasonably big ticket items.

Some examples are:

A hand made quilt with a pride/raindbow theme
A custom made corset (value up to $300)
Rhinestones (like, diva-dra queen style)
Dinner at a restaurant with a local food critic (only useful to local residents, but still cool)

Anyways, thoughts or feed back welcome. Please note, this is NOT an ICC or Camarilla event. It is being hosted by people who just happen to be Camarilla members.
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