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IC Connections for Mage

I'm thinking up a background for my Awakening character, and thought I'd seek connections among Cam-Pride players (if nothing else, to broaden the topics of conversation in this community). I've only had Mage: The Awakening for a couple of days, so this is still all broad strokes.

Player: Chuck Childers
Character: Thales
Location: Portland, OR, USA

Base concept 1: Unfettered ambition expressed through knowledge. An exemplar of "knowledge is power."

Base concept 2: Mathematician. Lured by the light of the Supernal's governance, not only of reality, but its map. In a Sleeper's reality, Math maps Physics. If a physical concept can not be expressed mathematically, it is wrong. However, the reverse is not true; Mathematics is more broad and can express physicalities that don't exist. In the Awakened's reality, even Mathematics is governed by higher contexts and can be bent, broken, or rendered irrelevant. These are ideas that Thales joyously wrestles with.

Base concept 3: Communicator. Thales is an excellent writer, an outstanding orator. He has the magnetism of a cult leader. Prob'ly a Councilor.

Other aspects: Thales is openly contemptuous of sleepers ("cattle") and the ignorant in general. He's surprisingly solicitous of his allies, those who come into his care, and those who serve him. He is not above teaching humility to those whom he feels do not deserve their arrogance. Urbane. Razor-sharp. A dangerous man to offend (perhaps given to pettiness). Nice smile, tho'.

Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium
Skill/Attribute/Merit known for: Expression & Persuasion (oratory)
Arcana focus: Mind, Space, Prime

Still working out Thales's cabal locally.

I tend to travel, so my character will also. Background connections outside of my region make sense. I'm also a fairly eloquent writer (and imprudently immodest) for any roleplay that requires email.
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