Chuck Childers (maethe) wrote in cam_pride,
Chuck Childers

ICC Get Together? Other updates...

After some good initial communication, I've heard no more from the OOC Programming Lead, Jenn Hutt, at ICC, so I don't know the status of the Cam-Pride meet-and-greet. I'll continue trying to contact her and see what shakes out. If nothing else, Cam-Pride can get together on an ad hoc basis for dinner or something.

Also, after saying he'd set up the list, the Cam's list guy has gone silent. He did create one of the Forsaken lists I asked for (forsaken-ST), but there's 5 other lists, Forsaken shtuffs & Cam-Pride, that I'm waiting on, so maybe he's just in the process.

So, I'm not forgetting you all, just movin' slowly.

While it's not good timing for the community, I'll have a lot more time after ICC to work on cohering the group.
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