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Cam-Pride Community Liaison Report for July 2005

July 2005

Chuck Childers

Cam-Pride: Dedicated to the Camarilla's gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered members, as well as our friends and supporters

LiveJournal Community Website:

1) Summary
2) Prestige Recommendations
3) Ongoing Projects
4) Completed Projects
5) Questions
6) Problems & Solutions
7) Miscellaneous


Not much progress this month, so my apologies for a rather cut-&-paste-y report. There's some progress on the email list. On 7/19, Jer Brown (US Camarilla Communities) noted that he had received my report, and forwarded my questions to the appropriate people for response, so hopefully we'll hear back.

If you're reading this and you know the answers to the questions or can jumpstart our projects, please let me know.

==Prestige Recommendations=================================


==Ongoing projects=========================================

We're up to 27 members on the Cam_Pride LiveJournal group.

Ben Rosenblum responded positively to my request for a cam-pride email list on the Camarilla servers on 23 JUL. However, that (and other lists I need for Forsaken) haven't yet appeared. I'll send Ben a gentle reminder on 12 AUG.

I've contacted the OOC Programming Lead at ICC to check whether we could get some space for a meet & greet. She responded asking for best times in a perfect world. I sent her the following:

* Saturday (I'm at a loss for the time; afternoon-ish?). "Cam-Pride Community
Meet & Greet" (1 hour). Find out more about the Camarilla's GLBT community

However, I haven't heard from the OOC Programming Lead in a month. This week I'll drop her a reminder and see if we have this nailed down.

==Completed projects=========================================

No projects completed.


1) What is the status of Camarilla web-space for Camarilla Communities, particularly this one? Is there a resource for this or are we on our own? We have the volunteer talent available to create a functional site and I'm familiar with the setup and format of the Camarilla websites. [FROM LAST MONTH; AWAITING RESPONSE.]

2) If we were able to provide appropriate artwork, would we have access to White Wolf's resources, especially their t-shirt discount, to have shirts produced? [FROM LAST MONTH; AWAITING RESPONSE.]

3) When are reports due? I mean, if reports are required at all? :-)

==Miscellaneous Comments=====================================

The following conventions are coming up: NERE (Portland, 8/25-28), NWRE (Portland, 9/8-11), and ICC (Phoenix, 10/27-30). I plan to attend the latter two, so come up and say, "hi!"

If folks want to hold some other events or activities, whether it be at these conventions or not, let me know and I'll do what I can to help out. Some ideas that have been tossed out are parties, daytrips outside of con-space, raffles, t-shirts (if we get a logo, I'll ask WW if we can take advantage of their discount t-shirt rates), and badges.

Chuck Childers
Camarilla Fellow US2002021015
Cam-Pride Community Liaison
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