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Updates for Cam-Pride

Hi! For those who joined late, I'm Chuck Childers, Cam-Pride Community Liaison (also, Camarilla Busybody and Worldwide Werewolf Guy). I'm trying to revitalize the Cam-Pride Community, hopefully getting it to the point where it's self-perpetuating and offers activities and services to the Cam's LGBT community and our friends.

We're currently up to 20 members. Not bad, but less than I'd hoped. Spread the word. I'll zap a msg to general-ooc.

I haven't heard from Jer Brown, US ANC Communities, since setting up the community and getting his okay to start things up. I also didn't see anything from Communities on this month's US NC report (Camarilla communities fall under the US NC). I'll follow up. I also need to check to see what additional resources we can get, such as website, etc.

I've sent a request through (hopefully) proper channels to get a Cam-Pride email list set up on the Camarilla servers.

I've contacted the OOC Programming Lead at ICC to check whether we could get some space for a meet & greet.

Scott sent a msg to Sodom-by-Night, the non-Cam-sorta'-Cam YahooGroup precursor to Cam-Pride, letting them know that we're setting up shop again. Thanks, Scott! Also, Daniel mentioned another previous Cam-Pride Yahoogroup that I haven't been able to locate.

The following conventions are coming up: NERE (Portland, 8/25-28), NWRE (Portland, 9/8-11), and ICC (Phoenix, 10/27-30). I plan to attend the latter two, so come up and say, "hi!" (I look like the LJ User Picture, only not quite so blue.) Currently, the only Cam-Pride plans I'd really like to push through are the Meet & Greet at ICC. If folks want to hold some other events or activities, whether it be at these conventions or not, let me know and I'll do what I can to help out. Some ideas that have been tossed out are parties, daytrips outside of con-space, raffles, t-shirts (if we get a logo, I'll ask WW if we can take advantage of their discount t-shirt rates), and badges.

I'll be sending something like this out to the group (and eventually the list) a few days before the 1st, then send a formalized report with your feedback to Jer Brown, ANC Communities, on the 1st. So, if you have any advice, suggestions, questions: please let me know.

- Chuck Childers, US2002021015, Cam-Pride Community Liaison
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