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What would you like out of this community? I'm setting the wheels in motion to get an email list on the Camarilla server, and I wouldn't mind arranging events at conventions.

I'll be at NWRE and ICC (oooh, have to reserve rooms). I'm pretty well equipped to throw a room party at NWRE since it's right across the state line from me. However, it'd be more problematic to host a room party in Phoenix. Is that even desireable? Personally, I like parties, even getting moderately liquored with friends, at cons, but I know it isn't everyone's favorite pastime.

Unfortunately, I won't be at NERE or any other Camarilla conventions (at least AFAIK at this point in time).

Daytrips might be fun. Again, I'm pretty comfortable arranging things in Greater Portland, OR, but Phoenix? Not so much.

Any suggestions?
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