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Hi! This is your moderator and community liaison, Chuck Childers. I'm writing this to note that the cammail list name has changed from Cam-Pride to US-Society-Pride. The name change is part of a Camarilla name standardization initiative. I'll miss the friendly gooniness of "cammunity," but time marches on.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, they did not transfer the cam-pride email subscribers (which is prob'ly most folks reading this, plus some others) to the new list. This might be something they're still working on (hopefully). I would do it myself, but I can no longer see the old cam-pride list. However, if you are impatient, you can sub to the new list the normal way, by going to and following the instructions there.

UPDATE: Scotty was just automatically subbed, so things are looking up. You all will prob'ly receive some sort of subscription notification soonly.

I've been told that the opening for Pride Society Liaison will be advertised soon as part of a combined solicitation for several Liaison openings. Stay tuned. As was noted waaaaaay back when, I was just on board to get this thing (re)started and to hand it off to someone younger and prettier (or at least with a life less impacted by change). In the meantime (which has been much longer than I originally presumed), I'm just doing the most basic of liaison functions. "Hi, I'm Julie..."

Just some notes:

The Pink Mafia will be hosting a shindig at ICC, Oct 27. Proceeds will benefit the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center. For more info, go to

If you know of folks, GLBT or "friends of," let them know about our Camarilla society. (That word. "Society" makes me think we should have floppy hats and drink tea. I'm not sure where I'm getting that image from. Maybe Tony's character.)

Hrm. What else...

I'm going out on a date on Friday. Very nice guy. And - given my (lack of) history in actually dating - possibly a sign of the End Times.

(Yes, I'm sure that's of great interest to the commun... society.)

So, topic: Camarilla members dating within the club. Yes, no, whatever? Advice? Discuss.

- Chuck Childers
Your Friendly Neighborhood List and Community Moderator
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